About Us

We are a team of Certified Stretch Mobility Coaches that strive to help our clients discover the healing power of The Stretch Method®.

The Stretch Method® Mission​

The Stretch Method® is driven to successfully train PT’s, PTA’s, OT’s, OTA’s and ATC’s in a wellcare model that puts the healing powers back into the hands of therapists. At The Stretch Method®, we know that therapists want to help clients get better, stay better and play better throughout their lives. The Stretch Method® provides this opportunity to these rehab professionals to work as Stretch Mobility Coaches™ in an affiliate location or become their own B.O.S.S. and Start, Build and Grow their own Stretch Mobility Coach™ clinic.

Founded With Care in 2020

With more than 20 years of experience working in the field of Physical Therapy, Kim Nartker, owner and founder of Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness in West Chester, Ohio, recognized clients who were caught up in a cycle of re-injury and reoccurring pain.

This cycle created a lot of frustration, both for the patients and for her, as their caregiver. This frustration led Kim to create The Stretch Method®, a comprehensive program that would identify and fix the root cause of her patients’ pain and tightness, as well as improve flexibility and provide regeneration to heal the damage for full recovery.

In 2020, Kim took her in-house employee training program to a wider audience, developing Stretch Mobility Coach™ training. The popularity of this innovative offering grew so quickly that she was prompted to develop an online training program for professionals to expand their skills and work as Stretch Mobility Coaches™.


Kim enjoys helping clients and empowering Coaches to see their clients go from experiencing pain or lack of mobility to moving well, living pain-free, and performing at their peak in their favorite sport, fitness, and hobby. 


Kimberly Nartker

Physical Therapist Assistant, SMCL4

I am the founder of the Stretch Mobility Coach™ and The Stretch Method® training and certification program. I have been in PT private practice as an owner of Stretch Physical Therapy & Total Wellness and have seen the disconnect with services that are not offered for clients through our current PT and Wellness systems.

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More about Kim

I found a way to bridge that gap and to help consumers that don’t need PT or have graduated from PT to prevent, restore, and rebuild their musculoskeletal system so that they can get fully back into life and activities without the risk of reinjury. 

I am proud to offer this program to Rehab Professionals looking to build successful Wellness Programs that are proven and results-driven. I have worked hard to build an online product that will not only teach the clinical skills needed to help hurting clients but also provide you with business start-up resources, including introductory marketing and sales systems that will help you start your practice as a Stretch Mobility Coach™. When you are ready to grow your business, we have programs that walk you through scaling and growth.

As an affiliate, you have access to your own website and marketing materials that are created especially for your business, along with apparel that will help you grow your new brand. You have an experienced support system at your fingertips via our Advisory Board, assembled to help you achieve a profitable business. Our teachings are growing and developing daily to better serve our Stretch Mobility Coaches™. I look forward to helping you become a Stretch Mobility Coach™ and help our clients live their best lives.

Advisory Board

Stretch Mobility Coaches™ enjoy the support of this experienced team of experts.

Stacey Harris


I work with Kim’s physical therapy clients and also own my own clinic, More Than PT in West Chester, Ohio. The skills that I have learned through experience and post PT education have allowed me to help Stretch Mobility Coaches™ through Physical Therapy Consulting

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More About Stacey

I know all of the techniques in the Coach program and can be a resource to you when you have questions about client services. I am available to consult with you on individual clients and help best meet their needs. Congrats as you consider stepping out into private practice!

Dr. Mike Chua

PT, DPT, Author

I am a mentor to more than 35,000 members through my Alternative Healthcare Careers for HealthCare Professionals Facebook group. As a Stretch Mobility Coach™ you will face growth in a way you never have seen before, and with that growth will come challenges

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More About Mike

 I can help you by providing mentorship to help you overcome the challenges in growing your brand and business. Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a Stretch Mobility Coach™. 

Lincoln Kinkade

PT, Founder PT Growth Pro, Author, Coach

I am a Medical Marketing Coach with a passion to help SMC owners move from a place of scarcity to a place of true abundance.

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More About Lincoln

I offer done with you and done for you marketing solutions so you have raving fans who always return to you when treatment is needed, happily write 5 Star Google Reviews and gladly refer their friends and family.

Will Boyd

Founder WB Marketing CEO Finance Academy

I am a Facebook ads guru and love to help owners that are ready to do Facebook marketing in two ways:

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More About Will

I can teach you how to do your own Facebook ads through one of my online courses or I can do your Facebook ads for you. I have worked with Kim’s platform for more than a year and have had great success with increasing incoming leads for Stretch Mobility Coaches™. 

Bergomy Jeannis

DPT, Web Designer, Instagram Coach

I am the Stretch Mobility Coach™ Website Designer and Instagram coach.

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More About Berg

When you get to a point that you wish to grow your social media following, I can help you learn how to build up your Instagram account, use hashtags, and grow followers. I am also available to upgrade your website when you are ready to take that step. Let me know how I can support you.  

“[I have] less pain daily…[and] more peace of mind that there are alternatives to going straight to hip surgery.”

Rebecca Wilson, Coach Client

“This is the first time in my PTA career that I have gone on vacation and I can’t wait to get back to my new job as a Stretch Mobility Coach.”

Stretch Mobility Coach™ Jordan

Success Stories

“Before coming here I was dancing 5 days a week for a total of 25 hours. I was constantly having back pain but just thought it was from overuse. After working with a stretch and mobility coach, I was able to identify my areas of pain and work towards reducing it. After a few weeks I was able to dance 5 days a week with little to no pain. Coming here has helped me a lot with my mobility and I’m able to dance better than ever.”

Jillian Kreimer, Coach Client

“I knew I wanted Kim’s Stretch Program in my new Wellness Center so I hired a PTA that had been laid off due to COVID 19. I turned it over to her. She loves it so much, she is eager to drive the program…Find the right person and this will be a big part of what you have been wanting to give your clients at discharge! Good luck!”

Eliza, Private Practice Owner