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I help residents of (LOCATION) Stretch Pain And Tightness Away Using The Stretch MethodR. 

What is TSM?

The Stretch Method is the first program of it’s kind that takes a client experiencing pain and/or tightness through a results driven program that is proven to rebuild the musculoskeletal system.

What we Believe

We believe that people have the right to trusted non-surgical care that focuses on comprehensive musculoskeletal health and wellness services.

Our Commitment to you

We are committed to supporting you from when start our program until you have achieved your personal goals.

What Makes Us Different

Prevention care is MORE comprehensive than just teaching a person to use good body mechanics. TRUE prevention care improves mobility, flexibility, strength and performance long term. It provides a person with a proven maintenance program that works to fully restore the musculoskeletal system. 

Tailored for your needs

Who Is This Program For?

People experiencing pain or tightness. No matter your age or problem TSM The Stretch Method will take a comprehensive look at what your problem and create a program that works to improve your pain, mobility, flexibility, tightness and strength. 

If we cannot help you we will get you to where you need to be. Rest assured you are in the right place with our Stretch Mobility Coaches.

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The Benefits You Will Enjoy!


Improved Mobility

Muscles and Joints tighten over time due to many reasons. Our primary focus of care will be to improve your mobility and flexibility while regaining strength.


Improved Flexibility

To improve flexibility you must address where the tightness is coming from. The Stretch Method does this through testing to find out where the problems started.


Improve Strength

Strength is the key to maintaining flexibility and pain relief. Other stretching programs do not work because they do not address the problem behind the pain or tightness and do not stabilize to support the musculoskeletal system.


Improved Energy

Energy is zapped when you experience pain or tightness. When your body is not working at peak performance, it requires more energy to move. Our program focuses on improving overall musculoskeletal function in return providing you with improved energy.


Better Sleep

Pain, stiffness and tightness can disrupt sleep. When you address the root cause of these symptoms you will notice improved sleep. 


Improved Functional Movements

Functional Movements are movements you perform in daily life. Pushing, pulling, bending, lifting, carrying, standing, squatting etc.  When your mobility is poor, your body cannot perform these activities without compensation.  Our program focuses on improving these movements so that you can live your best life without the fear of pain or tightness.

Our happy customers

We’ve helped thousands of people Reclaim They body

Don’t ask us here are just a few testimonials from people we have helped. Are you ready to join this list?

Hannah R.


I I have always been a hypermobile person and throughout an active life of gymnastics, Irish dance, swimming, running and more, I’d had injuries that affected the strength to support the hypermobility in my ankles.  After having a baby, my hips, core and pelvis joined the party of weak support, and I was risking an injury on every impact landing.  Working on strengthening the intrinsic muscles makes me able to not wonder if each jump will be the one that tears another ligament, and wake up ready to live each day in the way I want to.

Rebecca Wilson

  • Less pain daily
  • Easier daily activities-getting in and out of car, standing up from seated position
  • More stretch & mobility in childs pose and other movements don’t have to rotate hip out
  • Lengthening in spine as lay down to stretch and sleep
  • Less pain after standing and walking at work
  • More peace of mind that there are alternatives to simply acknowledging some arthritis, instead of going straight to hip surgery

Abigail Hager


“I’ve been dancing for 13 years, and for the first time, I was able to complete my 5 hour class without back pain or soreness after!”

Owner spotlight

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John X, PTA, OTA

You ask, we answer

We have helped over 1000 people with our Stretch Method. Here are a few of our Frequently asked questions.

The Stretch Method was created for health and wellness focused rehab professionals that are looking to step away from traditional rehab Reactive Care Services and wish to learn and grow more in the Well Care Prevention side of Musculoskeletal Care.

  • PT, OT and AT care are Reactive care models that focus care on acute injury, pain and surgery. 
  • This care model is imperative for the needs of clients that require surgery, bracing and injuries, but does not provide long term relief for the client with chronic pain or tightness. Nor does it promote prevention of medications, injections or surgery. 
  • TSM bridges that gap for a customer by providing the necessary care outside PT, OT, ATC services
  • That takes a person from pain, injury, post surgical care, and tightness through a proven process that focuses on the root cause of a problem and offers a successful, outcome-based coaching program to keep a person away from the chronic reactive care model currently offered. 
  • TSM is a Well-Care model that focuses on education and rebuilding the musculoskeletal system and provides natural healing modalities for degenerative conditions. 
  • TSM utilizes a 5 Phase care system.The result of this system is a better experience for clients and more successful outcome and practice for TSM affiliates.

TSM stands for The Stretch Method®

Stretch Mobility services combine the skilled education of graduated or licensed rehab professionals with the preventative health and wellness techniques of The Stretch Method® training program to provide health and wellness clients with needed care outside PT, OT and ATC current offerings.  The result is a better experience for clients and more successful practice for affiliate owners.

Are you Ready to reclaim your body?

Each Stretch Mobility Coach treatment session is like having a PT, Massage and ATC treatment combined into 1 results driven treatment session.

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