TSM uses assisted mobility, assisted stretching, and deep muscle re firing exercises to improve mobility and flexibility while a person regains deep muscle strength that has disappeared due to pain or injury. This comprehensive method is combined with a coaching approach to empower and return home to people struggling with pain, tightness or other movement related concerns. The foundations and hands-on treatments used in The Stretch Method™are more comprehensive than any other Rehab Program available currently.  


TSM was created to help all kinds of clients experiencing a variety of aches, pains, and tightness. You will benefit from treatment with a Stretch Mobility Coach™ if you are in pain; want to avoid medications, injections, or surgery; feeling aches and pains after sports or fitness activities; suffering from poor posture and tight muscles; experiencing limited movement; seated at a computer for extended periods of time or ready to push through a sports performance plateau.

TSM goes beyond the quick fixes of traditional services. Our techniques are collaborative with chiropractic care, personal training, massage therapy, and other fitness choices. In comparison, The Stretch Method is gentler than chiropractic adjustments; more results-driven than physical therapy; and a great starting point for those that don’t want or need physical therapy. 

Go to How to Become a Coach on our home page. Note that you must be become certified to be a SMCL1 or SMCL2 through The Stretch Method™Certification program once you purchase your affiliate license. 

What Is Included In Being A Stretch Mobility Coach™ Affiliate?

As of April 1 2021, affiliate license costs per LLC  are $5000.00 annually currently.  

Yes, We do not limit the number of affiliate license holders in any given area unless you purchase a territory.

No, only The Stretch Method, LLC can credential Rehab Professionals to work as Stretch Mobility Coach™

You cannot use TSM methodology or your credentials unless you hold an active affiliate license as a Stretch Mobility Coach™ You cannot use the TSM or  Stretch Mobility Coach™name in any other business or promotion in any way unless you are an active affiliate license holder. Only an affiliate license holder gives you legal right to use the Stretch  Mobility Coach™name for business and/or promotional purposes. 

No, to provide our methodology you must hold an active affiliate license and maintain a current certification as a SMCL1 or SMCL2 and must follow certification requirements.


We ask that you choose 3 different names keeping in mind your area. Submit those three choices to our office and we will provide you with the business name that is not already taken. 

Yes, in our business training you will be taught how to price your services to be competitive in your area.

Yes, Your affiliate license is good for 1 LLC. But if you have more than 1 LLC you will need to hold an active affiliate license for each LLC you own. You are also required to have certifications for each employee that sells Stretch Mobility Coach™ services or follow our methodology.

COTAs are welcome to enroll in the program, as are Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist  Assistants, OTs, SLPs, and ATCs. This program is designed for rehab professionals.

You must have graduated from an accredited Rehab School and hold a license as a PT, PTA, OT, OTA, SLP or ATC to take TSM certification courses. You or your owner must hold an active affiliate license to use The Stretch Mobility Coach™ or TSM methodology and intellectual property.

​TSM training program is a clinical certification and an affiliate license to practice as a Stretch Mobility Coach™.

The portal allows trainees to work at their own pace. We have therapists that have started working in two weeks and others that took on one section at a time until they felt prepared to their satisfaction, then started the other sections. 

All training is online. Support via telephone, video conference, and in person training  is offered, as well.




An online practicum webinar and a written test is required. As long as you are safely using the techniques and understand the program, you can pass.

No. Our affiliates are a confederation of Rehabilitation Therapists and Athletic trainers that are certified in  ​The Stretch Method™pooling reliable resources. When you purchase the training program, it includes a 1-year affiliate license and 1-year certification. Annual renewals are required.

Either. You will earn more income by opening your own business, but if you want to work with a private practice, we can assist in your search for a practice seeking a Stretch Mobility Coach™. 

You can work from a physical space or provide mobile opportunities. We have not experienced any providers working directly from home.

The training comes with suggestions for how to price your services based on your area. We charge $90-105.00/visit ala cart for our Stretch Mobility Coach™ visits and have discounts for those that purchase in bulk or become a member.

​This is your choice. See as many or as few clients as you prefer as a SMCL1 or SMCL2.