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Teaching PTAs, PTs, OTAs, and OTs to Step Away From Reactive Care, So They Can Provide Better, Long Lasting, Outcomes For Their Community!

About Kim

I’m Kim, founder of The Stretch Method® and The Stretch Mobility Coach™.

I created The Stretch Method® (TSM) for health-and-wellness-focused Rehab professionals who want to step away from traditional rehab reactive care services to provide better, longer-lasting care for their clients looking for well-care backed by science.

The Stretch
Method® Works

Therapists across the US have successfully stepped away from reactive care PT and now offer wellcare programs in their community. 

“I can help people so much more effectively. I’m not held back by someone else’s goals, and I’m not held back by insurance limiting me. It just has opened a lot more opportunities to give clients what they truly need. I don’t think I could go back to treating a diagnosis.”

Two Clinical Wellcare Tracks To Advance Your Career

PTA"S ONLY Use your PTA education as a stepping stone and join the health and wellness movement by becoming a Certified Stretch Mobility Coach.Click here to learn more about my PTA Business Acceleration Track.

PT's, PTA's, OT's & OTA's Step away from reactive care and help your community by providing science-backed reconditioning programs. Attain a specialty Certificate that allows you to go solo and provide reconditioning well-care services.

Join the program that's helping rehab professionals put care back into their treatments

Going solo when you have a license is risky business. I have created a path for you that will allow you to help your community through proven well-care treatments in a way that gives you financial freedom, resolves burnout, and aligns with your license. 

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