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Find Healing Where Other Treatments Fail. Stretch Mobility Coach™ Techniques Go Beyond The Quick Fixes Of Traditional Services. Our Services Include:

The Stretch Method®

This treatment is a result-driven, healing path to rebuild the musculoskeletal system naturally without medications, invasive surgeries, or injections.

Assisted Stretching

Over time, repetitive movements and past or present injuries can lead to imbalances in muscle length and joint range of motion. Assisted stretching helps address those imbalances.

Laser Therapy Treatments

Laser therapy is a type of regenerative medicine, which means treatment focuses on accelerated healing. It’s clinically proven as an effective treatment for pain, inflammation, and a variety of acute and chronic conditions.

How The Stretch Method® Works

The Stretch Method® is a proven comprehensive system providing hands-on pain and tightness relief using skilled stretching techniques to improve joint mobility and stability. 

The focus is on identifying the root cause of the problem by targeting joint restrictions and correcting dysfunctional movement patterns.

The Coach will guide you through a personalized program to regain mobility and progress to corrective and functional exercises to restore and refire deep muscle strength and stabilization. This treatment is a result-driven, healing path to rebuild the musculoskeletal system naturally without medications, invasive surgeries, or injections.

Assisted Stretching

Assisted stretching targets and isolates specific muscles using stabilization techniques allowing for a deeper stretch to achieve a greater range of motion.

Lack of fluidity and chronic tightness contributes to tension and stress build-up, muscle strains, pain, and poor posture.  When consistently and properly applied, stretching protocols can cause permanent elongation and extensibility of muscles, tendons, and fascia. 

A regular assisted stretching routine can increase flexibility, improve posture, spinal alignment and reduce muscle and joint pain.

Stretching also benefits physical and mental well-being allowing blood and oxygen to flow and circulate better, improving concentration and stress levels. The long-term benefits allow you to complete daily tasks and routines with less pain, improving quality of life.

How Laser Therapy Works

Energy from the laser enters the body as photons stimulating an increased production of ATP (the chemical energy in all living cells). 

This process is called photobiomodulation and creates a cascade of healing and biological responses including mediation of pain, increased vascular and metabolic activity, accelerated tissue repair and cellular growth. 

Lasers can also be used pre and post operatively to heal surgical wounds reducing formation of scar tissue, inflammation and swelling.  Patients feel a soothing warmth as the laser penetrates deep tissue structures and boosts the body’s own regeneration powers to promote healing and relieve pain. 

Treatments are safe, painless, and fast (5-10 minutes) with no side effects. Results can be felt immediately, but most often observed after 3-5 sessions as the treatments are cumulative. Therapeutic lasers are a great non-invasive alternative for patients who have tried other modalities without success and can reduce dependence on pharmaceuticals. 

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Anyone from athletes looking to enhance performance to elderly dealing with daily chronic aches and pains.

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Improved strength, balance, and flexibility


Boosted energy, mood, and concentration


Reduced stress and tension


Better sleeping patterns


Pain management


Fall and injury prevention


Athletic performance and recovery


Activity tolerance and endurance

Owner spotlight

I am a native of Easton, Pennsylvania. I received a BS degree from Penn State’s College of Health and Human Development in 2008 and later went on to receive an AAS in Occupational Therapy from Harcum College and currently hold an active COTA/L. 

I have over 10 years of experience working in various clinical, educational, and community-based settings providing direct services to individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

I’ve always had compassion for helping people improve their quality of life and reach their personal goals.  I look forward to continuing this role as a stretch mobility coach where treatment is a comprehensive and collaborative approach between the client and clinician. Without insurance dictating frequency and duration, clients have more autonomy over their plan of care leading to better long-term results.

In my free time, I enjoy time with family/friends, fitness, travel, cooking, camping, and re-charging in nature or on the beach.

Errica Cinelli, COTA, SMC

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