Back and Hip pain that limits you from walking.

Are you having pain in your back/leg or hip when walking long distances?

Back pain and hip pain are the top 2 reasons that people reach out to our clinic for physical therapy. We are seeing an increase in back and hip pain with patients over 40. Our patients report: pain down the leg, and in the back causing them to limit there walking and running activities. We are also seeing patients that have been misdiagnosed with nerve pain and bursitits when infact they have a rotated pelvis that has caused hip joint tightness. Over time the tightness of the joint and restricted movement has caused a build up of myofascial bands from above the hip down the leg that causes weakness in the muscles around the hips.

Is there a need for surgery? No, we are seeing releif with in 3 treatments. Our focus is on improving the joint mobility, re alignment of the pelvis and Myofascial release to the facia that is restricting the movement.

Benefits of reaching out to a Physical Therapist are: Save time and money. We do not require a prescription for treatmen and are able to figure out the problem, then work to resolve the pain and fix the problem. This will allow your body to heal itself without pricy testing, time off work and painful side effects with long term use of medications.

Do you feel like you have this pain and want to get relief? Call us today 513-874-8800.