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Work As A Stretch Mobility Coach Or Become Your Own Stretch Mobility Coach B.O.S.S.

You have the foundational skills that are needed to help people in the health and wellness industry Get Better, Stay Better, and Play Better.

Expand your knowledge and service offerings through a comprehensive Stretch Mobility Coach training program that will help you work in the health and wellness field providing care outside traditional PT, ATC services.

Hi, I’m Kim, founder of The Stretch Method® and The Stretch Mobility Coach™.
I created The Stretch Method® (TSM) for health-and-wellness-focused rehab professionals who want to step away from traditional rehab reactive care services to the well-care, prevention side of musculoskeletal care.
Kim Nartker, Founder TSM


“I can help people so much more effectively. I’m not held back by someone else’s goals, and I’m not held back by insurance limiting me. It just has opened a lot more opportunities to give clients what they truly need. I don’t think I could go back to treating a diagnosis.”
Jordan Kimmel
PTA, SMCLII, Personal Trainer

2 Ways To Work As A Stretch Mobility Coach

Use your PTA education as a stepping stone and join the health and wellness TSM movement and train to become a Stretch Mobility Coach so that you can work for practices that are TSM affiliate owners.
Become an affiliate owner and work in your solo practice as a Stretch Mobility Coach. Learn to become a successful business owner while you train to work as a Certified Stretch Mobility Coach.

In this video our founder, Kim Nartker, will discuss how you can train to become a Stretch Mobility Coach.

As a certified Level I or Level II SMC you will be an elite health and wellness practitioner that can provide Stretch Mobility Coach services for your area. 

The SMC certification through TSM The Stretch Method® is a trademark and registered program that entitles a rehab professional that meets the requirements of TSM, to step away from reactive healthcare and work in the health and wellness industry offering The Stretch Method® as a Stretch Mobility Coach.

Kim has honed and practiced The Stretch Method® in her West Chester Clinic and successfully treated thousands of clients experiencing pain and tightness by taking their treatment through a successful program then through a maintenance program that then prevents the pain and or tightness from returning.

There is no other method in the U.S. that is as effective at producing this long lasting relief. It is simply the most efficient and effective way to improve pain and tightness long term offered today that allows a rehab professional the opportunity to help customers, looking for preventative care, a proven system with results clients are looking for.

As a SMC you are uniquely qualified to help people using The Stretch Method® combined with your clinical skills and education in the rehab professional field.  There is no other certification around that offers a rehab professional the ability to use their qualifications, experience and education like TSM does. Until now a rehab professional had to become certified as a yoga instructor, personal trainer, or other certification that does not allow them to combine their education skill and knowledge like TSM does.  This program is structured for rehab professionals only and does not allow an unskilled professional the ability to train and offer SMC services.

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