Dan Wood's Success Story

Dan’s Back at the Gym and Moving Better Than Ever

As we age, we’re told it’s normal to feel tighter, more rigid in our movements, and maybe a little slower. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Dan certainly didn’t let tightness and pain stay in his way.

Seven years after bilateral total hip replacement, Dan was struggling with hamstring tightness, knee pain, and limited back mobility, but he wanted to stay active and flexible. He wasn’t going to let this keep him down!

When Dan first came into Stretch, his hip mobility limitations were so severe, he couldn’t extend either of his knees fully, and bending them was painful. He noticed his knee pain gradually getting worse, to the point where it limited his workouts at the gym, and even started affecting his ability to walk and stand for periods of time. After a while, he began to have trouble sleeping with all the discomfort. “By Christmas, I was hobbling so badly my adult children noticed and encouraged me to see a [doctor].”

But first, he wanted to try more holistic methods before going to see a physician. So, “I asked my wife for a gift certificate from Stretch as a Christmas present. I figured if nothing else, I could learn some new techniques so if I needed surgery, I would be stronger if I had some PT prior to…As of now, I am not sure I will seek a medical opinion.”

Dan came in for his mobility consultation with knee, ankle and lumbar restrictions, causing both tightness and pain. “The consultation with Jordan was spot on and she pinpointed the area & issues to target. I felt better after the first visit, exponentially better after the first 2 weeks, and now back at the gym doing all the exercises I was doing 3 months ago…you need to be disciplined on the routine Jordan recommended and it has paid off.”

Dan was able to get back to being active and doing the things he loves, without having to resort to surgery. “I was skeptical but had nothing to lose and no where else to turn. In 3 weeks, Stretch gave me back my normal routine, with no pain or any invasive procedures! Sounds corny, how something as simple as 20 minutes a day stretching can make such a big difference…I can’t wait to learn more.”