Are your parents as Risk for Falls? Here are some simple tests!

If you answered no to the above questions, then they are at risk for a fall this year! Falls can be prevented.

Information taken from CDC web site

Why is balance so important?


We Can Help!

We offer 2 programs at our clinic.

For those who want to continue to achieve results to prevent falls we offer private pay programs that are One on one with with our Fall Prevention Specialist 2-3x/week. This program will build on the foundation that you gained in Physical Therapy and help you to continue to build strength, balance and flexibilty.

Have difficulty with Transportation and wish to have one of our fall prevention coordinators come to you? We offer Fall Prevention at your home in West Chester and Fairfield areas currently.

Our current patients have NOT fallen since starting our program. With this program we are helping clients stay at home and not have to move into assisted living facilities! Saving families thousands of dollars a month!

Stop the falls TODAY, don’t let a fall cause you/or your parents to lose their independence.

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Kim Nartker PTA, owner of Stretch Physiacal Therapy & Total Wellness

Having worked with seniors for 15+ years, she has experianced a gap with seniors in the area of falls. Seeing a need for fall prevention she developed a fall prevention program. Currently Physical Therapy is the only option offered to our community after a fall. Kim has seen that Physical therapy alone is not a complete solution. Physical Therapy focuses on getting a senior back to where they were before they fell. What about what caused the fall? Can’t we prevent future falls?

With those questions in mind, Kim developed a fall prevention program at Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness. Kim reports “with our one on one fall prevention services we have seen a huge reduction in falls.” We have also benefited the spouses of our clients, as they are able to discuss their caregiver concerns with other caregivers at our facility. We have also been able to help clients stay home and not move into an assisted living facilities. This has helped our clients save money monthly on costly assisted living facilities that do not prevent falls!

Our Fall Prevention Coordinators are trained by Kim and our Physical Therapist. They follow an evidence based care model that has been proven to reduce the risk of falls.