How To Become An Affiliate With
The Stretch Method®

TSM offers affiliation to private practice PT or OT facilities, Chiropractic clinics, gyms and more.

In this video, Kim talks about TSM affiliation and how affiliation can help a practice owner bring in 4K/week cash income without the common struggle of developing a program, implementing a program, developing systems for a new program, working that program to see if it is what a customer wants then hiring, onboarding and training a new employee to run a successful program without your constant supervision. 

Affiliate owners recruit fully trained Stretch Mobility Coaches from TSM at no additional fee. That is the perk of becoming an affiliate owner with TSM. You get to focus on business ownership and marketing your services and we will search, and train a Rehab Professional to work as a Stretch Mobility Coach in your practice. No more grueling hours posting new job offers, going through resumes and hiring, onboarding a staff that is not prepared to earn the income your business needs. 

Business is HARD, bringing in cash revenue through other programs does not have to be. Join the movement today and start offering Stretch Mobility services in your facility today.  When you have been accepted into our affiliate owner training, you may request a lead coach for your new program. It’s as easy as that. 

Are You Ready To Offer Stretch Mobility Coach Services In Your Area?

A Stretch Mobility Coach can bring cash-based services and revenue in 2 different ways for you and/or your practice.

Open a Stretch Mobility Coach Mobile Practice Stretch Mobility Coach services can be provided to your customers in the privacy of their own homes.

This service option is growing in popularity and offers you a mobile practice without the constraints of an office location.

Open a Stretch Mobility Coach Practice inside a gym, Chiropractic clinic, medical office, PT private practice or open a free-standing Stretch Mobility Coach clinic.

This option allows you to open a Stretch Mobility Coach practice inside your current business or offers a new business owner the opportunity to open a Stretch Mobility Coach practice as a stand-alone business in their area with little investment.

Who Can Apply For Affiliation With TSM

Mobile business owners that wish to offer cash wellness services outside of PT

Private practice owners that wish to offer cash wellness services inside their own business

Any business owner that wishes to open a mobile or brick-and-mortar Stretch Mobility Coach business

Qualifications To Apply For TSM Affiliation


Complete the affiliation form to apply

Wait for a response from TSM

If you are a good candidate for affiliation we will schedule a call with you

Sign our terms and conditions and fully understand Stretch Mobility Coach and TSM ownership requirements

Sign the agreement, pay and start the opening process

Request a Stretch Mobility Coach for your area