Too often we make small excuses that can lead us down the road to frustration from unmet goals. We think that making a small excuse today for not moving our bodies, not strengthening our bodies or not eating well is okay and we justify by telling ourselves that our bodies need rest. While rest days are a major component in good health, they can sometimes lead to the lack of motivation to move at all. It is easy to put off our workouts, stretching or to ignore pain signals, but are you really helping yourself by making excuses? 


Our bodies need mobility, strength, sleep, nutrition and mindfulness to work the way we need them too. 


But our lives have become more fast paced. We place many demands on ourselves to be the people our minds say we should be. We cram our schedules with tasks and use business as an excuse to put off taking care of ourselves. These excuses prevent us from being truly authentic to ourselves and how our bodies need us to live. 


Take a look at your daily life…

Do you allow time for movement, flexibility, stress relief, good sleep and mindfulness daily? 


If not, take baby steps today to implement one of these into your daily life. Do a few stretches in the morning to help you wake up and loosen up any tightness before you start your day. Add in a simple 10 minute workout ( you have 10 minutes to spare)! Or, if you work at a desk, make a point to stand up, stretch, and walk around every 30 minutes to an hour during your work day.


Having a hard time keeping yourself accountable in these areas? 

Here are some courses that may help you:


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Knee Pain Relief Course

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Upcoming Webinars and Events

Give yourself some grace today!