Myofasical Release Benefits

Myofacial Release is a technique used to help relief pain. In 90% of our Physical Therapy patients we are seeing improvement in pain with as little as one treatment of myofasical release.

What is fascia: fascia is found in every body. It is like the covering/casing that is common when we eat hot dogs or sausage. Your body has fascia that covers the muscles under the skin. Facial restrictions become a problem with injury and dysfunction. As a pain becomes more severe our bodies use facial bands to help the body compensate and stay out of pain. These bands if left for too long, can cause severe weakness and over time restrict proper movement causing a person to lose function and mobility.

Benefits of Myofasical Release Therapy: While working with our clients in Physical Therapy we are finding Myofascial release to be a major component to healing and pain relief. By working to see where the root cause of the pain is coming from, we have found greater success in our treatments with the use of MFR in conjunction with other manual therapy techniques.

Who Benefits from myofascial release: Anyone who has myofasical bands that are keeping there muscles from moving and contracting as they should. Pain is usually an indicator that something is wrong. Our therapists are trained on Manual techniques to help you fell better FAST and reduce unneccessary surgeries and medications that have harmful side effects.

To learn more about myofasical release and if you would benefit from this technique call us today. 513-874-8800.