All too often people suffer from low back pain. The first step to treating the back pain is to find a pain relieving position. The pain relieving position is the foundation upon which we can build our exercise routine. No matter the type of back pain, the position as shown above tends to calm down the lower back pain. The position is to lay on your back with arms down by the side. The legs should have a moderate bend in both the hips and knees. Symptoms tend to subside upon getting into this position.

Why does this position tend to relieve lower back pain? Our biggest villain for joint pain is gravity. Gravity is relentlessly pushing down on our bodies all day, everyday. When we are sitting, standing or walking, gravity is putting pressure straight down our spine which takes its toll on our lower spine after a while. When we lie down, gravity is not pushing directly down the spine across the spine so it’s effects aren’t as great.

Now our posture also plays a part in this as well. Even if we had perfect posture, we wouldn’t be able to stand all day long due to gravity pushing on our lower spine all day. But very few people have great posture so our ability to stand or sit for prolonged periods is less than optimal. In this hooklying position, the position of the legs rotates the pelvis back and flattens the spine. The flattening of the spine helps muscles and ligaments relax and decompresses the forces gravity was exerting on the lower spine all day. This helps to get us into a better posture albeit laying down.

So do this next time your back pain acts up to see if you get relief. Just remember, movement is the real treatment to lower back pain so remember to do exercises as well.

Have a great day!