Choose Physical Therapy first for Spinal Stenosis

Here is a good article that shows that Physical Therapy treatment for Spinal Stenosis is as effective as the more popular decompression surgery. In healthcare today, surgery seems to be the first option. If you are looking to prevent or fix your spinal stenosis without an expensive surgery or the use of pain medication,then read this article.

PT and Surgery Equally Effective for Spinal Stenosis

Physical Therapy is a great non surgical option for those clients who prefer not to undergo surgery. Stretch Physical Therapy & Total Wellness in West Chester Township Ohio has helped many patients avoid and cancel surgeries.

What can you expect from an appointment with a Stretch Physical Therapist? Learn more about what stenosis is and how to start healing from the pain. If you have any questions about the article or how we can help you heal quickly with simple exercises and manual therapy, call us Today at 1-513-874-8800.