I get this question a lot. PTAs can open their own PT practice in many states, but not in all states. But the truth is that the PT field right now with insurance standards, it is very expensive to start a PT practice as a PTA unless you have the financial ability to pay a PT salary and be willing to fund a new operation. I started this way, but had I had an option like, TSM, I would have gone in that direction. Why? It is cheaper and allows me to learn how to be an owner, it provides me with support in the beginning stages and provides me with proven systems and programs that work. As a PTA and PT practice owner I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on mentoring and coaching to get where I am. Some of the mentoring was not helpful at all some helped me get to where I am today. TSM offers the support and guidance that is PROVEN and works. I only wish I had this when I started. I would be way further along and would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, a lot of stress and strain and time.

TSM currently offers 2 levels of certification. Level I is for new grads with up to 4 years experience. This is also the starting point for COTAs. This certification teaches assisted stretching and the phases of exercises that would allow a new grad or COTA the information needed to start a wellness practice and help people more than your typical StretchLabs can. Level II certification is for a PTA, ATC that has a minimum experience of 5 years and requires them to have taken a course in joint mobs prior to earning their certification with TSM. There is a good online course that is available to PTAs and ATCs that provides this pre req. information for a clinician.

TSM stands for The Stretch Method®. This is an affiliate program that teaches, coaches and mentors a  business owner through steps on how to open a Stretch Mobility Coach practice. The TSM program provides beginner business, marketing and sales while they also learn a preventative care model. The program is packed with done for you information, materials, and provides a business owner with the tools they need to start a lucrative business while learning how to be a business owner. The skills and tools provided in this program is unheard of. There is no program available today that provides a business owner the tools needed to start a new business while teaching them how to make sure their business is successful. An added bonus to our affiliate owners: we train stretch mobility coaches near you and prepare them to work in your new business when you are open and ready.. When you are ready to open your business all you have to do is request a stretch mobility coach. Once we have your coach ready and trained you can interview to see if this coach is a good fit for you. If they are, you hire them to provide stretch mobility coach services for your practice.  All certified stretch mobility coaches have taken and passed all steps necessary to become a successful coach for your area. 

A Stretch Mobility Coach is a PT, PTA, OT, OTA or ATC that has graduated from an accredited school or holds a license in their field that has completed the Stretch Mobility Coach Online training, Mastery Skills Class for their skill level and passed the hands on practicum and Oral testing with TSM. A Certified Stretch Mobility Coach will have a certification pin on your affiliate website.  Any coaches without this pin are in training and are apprentices until fully certified with TSM. 

A Stretch Mobility Coach™ is an extension of your professional licensure that allows a PT, OT, PTA, OTA and ATC the ability to offer care outside their licensure in the health and wellness arena. A PT can offer PT services, a PTA, COTA and ATC cannot offer PT services without a practicing PT.

Each person is different. The program is all online and learning is at your own pace. Becoming a Stretch Mobility Coach is very intensive. Certification begins online. Once you are ready to make sure your skills are accurate, you can request to work as an apprentice or attend a Skills Mastery Training Class (This class will prepare you for your hands on practicum.) All apprentices must attend and pass a Clinical Practicum Skills Check off Seminar and pass their hands on practicum and their oral board to become certified and to work as a Stretch Mobility Coach. 

Yes, You can become certified without owning your own practice. Apprentices that are training to work for an affiliate owner in their area will be placed after they have completed and passed their Clinical Practicum Skills Check off Seminar. 

There are 2 ways to earn money as a Stretch Mobility Coach.  One way is to open your own Stretch Mobility Coach practice. When you own your own practice you can earn up to 6K per week.  For Rehab Professionals looking to work as Stretch Mobility Coaches, you will be paid based on your affiliate owners pay rate. 

A PTA can make 6 figures as a Stretch Mobility Coach. TSM offers an affiliation that trains PTAs and supports them while transitioning from an employee to becoming a 6 figure business owner.

The cost of school and time it would take to go back to become a PT needs to be considered here. Take your current salary and see how much you will make as a PT and take the cost of a DPT bridge program and see how long it would take to earn back what you paid for the education. In most cases it may take you over 10 years to cover the cost of school before seeing an increase in income. You can consider opening a business with that same money and have a quicker return on your investment with the right coach, support or mentor.

No, TSM is an affiliation that offers a PT, PTA, OT, OTA or ATC the ability to work as a Stretch Mobility Coach and provide health and wellness services and care outside traditional PT, OT and ATC services. Affiliates of TSM, are a community of rehab professionals that work in the health and wellness arena pooling proven results. Each affiliate is independently owned and operated.

Apply for affiliation here.

  • Legal use of The Stretch Method® and Stretch Mobility Coach branding
  • Promotion from The Stretch Method®
  • Support from TSM
  • Website, done for you social media platforms, marketing, and apparel
  • Online portal for business, marketing, sales training for your new practice (This portal will set your business up for success)
  • Coaching, collaboration from other Stretch Mobility Coaches, private group participation, roundtables and online training plus Level I or Level II Certification
  • Protection of the brand, scaling and growth paid programming available to affiliates ready to scale

$5000 USD annually. You may choose to pay your affiliate fee monthly if you choose the monthly plan the fee is an additional 20%.

All interested parties must apply for affiliation through TSM. Step 1. Complete the Form to request to become an affiliate owner. Step 2 Wait for a TSM rep to respond to your request  Step 3 If accepted sign the TSM terms and conditions Step 4 Pay for your affiliation and gain access to all owner trainings and opportunities. Step 4. Request a SMC in your area to be hired

You must currently own your own practice or wish to start a Stretch Mobility Coach Practice in your area.

Yes, to offer stretch mobility coach services you must have a current affiliate license with TSM

Yes, if you are an active affiliate you can open your Stretch Mobility Coach practice outside the US.





Yes, we allow multiple locations to allow more access to your community.

When you are ready to expand your practice you may reach out to TSM to request an apprentice in your area. You may also request a trained SMC in your area when ready to hire a new coach.  We do all the training for you so that your employee is ready to earn you money. 

No, SMC Stretch Mobility Coaches are trained to work for another affiliate owner or to work as their own owner when they carry an affiliate license with TSM.

Yes, TSM will help you determine the correct rate based on your area. This is provided in your online material when you become an affiliate owner of TSM. 

Yes, as an active affiliate you can open as many practices as you like. You will be required to pay for affiliation for different LLCs.

No, you can start your practice as a mobile practice with the opportunity to provide a service not currently offered.