Get Better.
Stay Better.
Play Better.

Stretch Pain and Tightness Away  with a Stretch Mobility Coach™

How A Stretch Mobility Coach™ is Different

A Stretch Mobility Coach™ is trained, licensed, and certified in The Stretch Method®, an innovative, non-invasive stretch treatment. Coaches use hands-on techniques and phased exercises to:

A Stretch Mobility Coach™ is with each patient every step of the way to healing, ensuring full recovery. Coach care plans include:

Find healing where other treatments fail. Stretch Mobility Coach™ techniques go beyond the quick fixes of traditional services. Our techniques are:

Gentler than chiropractic adjustments

More results-driven than physical therapy

Specifically designed to release muscle tightness and relieve aches and pains

A great starting point for those that don’t want or need physical therapy

Collaborative with chiropractic care, personal training, massage therapy, and other fitness choices

“I’m feeling stronger overall, my ankles are less painful and aren’t rolling with Irish Dance as much”

Hannah Russel

Happy clients

In cyclebar I’m able to run now and go past the beat the whole time the instructor tells us to”

Carol Ryan

“Hit some gold balls yesterday. I am a little sore, but feel I could play again today. Not bad like I used to be.”

Dennis Hogan