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Our Stretch Mobility Coaches can help get you back in the game with proven, natural, hands-on relief from pain and tightness.

The Stretch Mobility Coach™ and The Stretch Method Promise®

“Over the last 20 years of working in the field of Physical Therapy, I recognized that clients were caught up in a cycle of injury and re-injury, experiencing recurring pain and tightness that seemed never-ending. This caused them a lot of frustration and hopelessness, ultimately leading them down a misdirected path toward surgery, lifelong pain, and lost hope.”

Kim Nartker, Founder

Customer Reviews

“Before coming here I was dancing 5 days a week for a total of 25 hours. I was constantly having back pain but just thought it was from overuse. After working with a stretch and mobility coach, I was able to identify my areas of pain and work towards reducing it. After a few weeks I was able to dance 5 days a week with little to no pain. Coming here has helped me a lot with my mobility and I’m able to dance better than ever.”
"I came to Stretch to strengthen my leg before receiving a total knee replacement. Jordan is my therapist and the program that she developed is great. The exercises work both in the studio and at home so I can practice on my own between sessions. I’ve had my right knee replaced and am getting my left replaced soon and I will continue to see Jordan before and after. Both the staff and atmosphere at Stretch are fantastic which made it an easy decision to choose this program."
“[I have] less pain daily…[and] more peace of mind that there are alternatives to going straight to hip surgery.”
"My experience with Stretch has been great. I sit at work all day and I have significant back pain. Stretch identified my problem was actually in my hips and began correcting the problem. After 10 visits not only do I have improved motion in my hips, but my back pain has been dramatically reduced. Stretch has helped me identify weaknesses in the smaller stabilization muscles of my body that I didn't know how to workout in the gym. I strongly recommend anyone that sits all day or frequently exercises in the gym to see Stretch to help them fix any small problems before they become big problems so they can stay active."
"JORDAN IS THE BEST! Being a competitive dancer for 16 years, I have tried every type of rehab in the book! Jordan has been the only therapist that has been able to release my pain for good, rather than just temporarily. The process she uses is incredible. She is easy to work with, listens to you and your needs, educates you and is just a joy to be around. A lot of my past rehab has made me sore for a few days after, but I have never experienced that with Jordan's work which makes it just that much better. She has also relieved my mom and my dad of their pain that they've had for 10+ years."
"I look forward to my visits every week. I came in with rib and breathing issues and I’m starting to gain some more mobility and strength in those areas."