Are You Tired Of Treating More Than One Client At A Time?

Learn how you can treat one on one and be your own BOSS even as a PTA or COTA, or ATC.

Who Can Train To Be A SMC BOSS?

Become the go-to Stretch Mobility Coach in your area that helps clients stretch pain and tightness away!

Our profession has provided us with the skills and knowledge necessary to help people improve their mobility, stability, and rebuild their musculoskeletal system. This is knowledge other fitness professionals don’t have access to. I believe with this specialized knowledge you have a mission to help others discover the power of The Stretch Method® and this is a BIG opportunity for Rehab Professionals. 

People are looking for Stretch Mobility Coach practices in their area.

We have customers that are constantly asking us “Do you have a coach in my area?” It is really sad when I have to say, “No, we don’t have a Stretch Mobility Coach in your area.” 

It is our passion to locate, train and provide the preventative skills needed for rehab professionals, so they can open their own practice in a new area. 

Hi, I’m Kim, founder of The Stretch Method® and The Stretch Mobility Coach™. 
Training to Be Your Own SMC BOSS is as close as your smartphone and can be completed in the privacy of your own home.
TSM trains rehab professionals like YOU to improve mobility, deep stability with your customers while helping you learn to transition your care, provide value to your clients (they are looking for you), and help you convert clients that will pay cash for your services.


“Kim is simply amazing. I purchased the program and am learning from the online training. The information that Kim provides is so informative. There is so much information and learning packed into each video. Kim also coaches me when I have questions, she has not only helped me start my LLC,she also walked me through setting small goals that I can actually accomplish as a new business owner. I am so excited to grow my own business, after attending my Skills Mastery Training Camp I raised my prices and now am working full-time for my solo practice. I quit my full-time job, but my ultimate goal is to grow my clinic to be as large as West Chester's clinic. I am growing faster than I imagined and will be looking to hire the first of next year because of how I can help others, I highly recommend Kim’s program. She will teach you step by step how to open your business then walk you through steps to growing your brand and business. Thanks Kim!”
Carleen Murphy
PTA, SMCLII apprentice,Personal Trainer

We Are Looking For PTAs, OTAs And ATCs Who Want To Open Their Own Solo Practice
If You Are:

Are fun, friendly, and coachable
Are frustrated with the PT insurance model and are looking to start a cash practice
Have drive, passion and will make time to learn preventative skills
Already working with clients but tired of not providing long-term successful treatment that is valuable to your clients
Just plain “done” pushing to meet productivity standards and wish to open your own practice and Be Your Own BOSS

What Qualifications Does A Rehab Professional Need To Become A SMC Owner?

A rehab professional is required to have a current PT, PTA, OT, OTA or ATC license or must have proof of graduation from an accredited school for PT, OT, PTA, OTA, or ATC program. You must have the time to start the business opening process and have the time to begin your online training program.


Complete and submit SMC BOSS Owner Affiliation form
Once your form has been successfully submitted, wait for a response from TSM
If you are a good candidate for SMC BOSS Owner Affiliation, TSM will reach out to schedule a call with you
TSM Call
Sign and agree by our terms and conditions and fully understand Stretch Mobility Coach and TSM ownership requirements
Pay and start the opening process
SMC Training and Business Development begins