Jillian Kelly’s Story

Jillian Kelly’s Success Story Jillian Dances Her Heart Out Dancing ballet is as physically demanding as it is beautiful. Limited mobility can not only hinder an ensemble, where uniformity is key, but also lead to pain or injury. While foot and ankle injuries may be among the most common in dancers (Trentacosta et al. 2017), […]

Daniel Poulos’ Story

Daniel Poulos’ Success Story From Knee Pain to Running Getting older should not mean you have to give up doing the things you love, like playing your favorite sport, or even just walking or running around your neighborhood. Take Dan for example: he refused to let his mobility issues and pain prevent him from setting […]

Dan Wood’s Story

Dan Wood’s Success Story Dan’s Back at the Gym and Moving Better Than Ever As we age, we’re told it’s normal to feel tighter, more rigid in our movements, and maybe a little slower. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Dan certainly didn’t let tightness and pain stay in his way. Seven years […]

Oliver Jay’s Story

Oliver Jay’s Success Story Oliver Gets Two Herniated Discs For His Birthday As if turning 30 at the height of a global pandemic wasn’t enough, Oliver threw out his back and herniated discs L4 and L5, in the summer of 2020. While not quite the birthday he had in mind, he was fortunate to have […]