Daniel Poulos’ Success Story

From Knee Pain to Running

Getting older should not mean you have to give up doing the things you love, like playing your favorite sport, or even just walking or running around your neighborhood. Take Dan for example: he refused to let his mobility issues and pain prevent him from setting goals of running and playing softball.

Dan came in with limited mobility in his right shoulder and pain in his left knee with goals of running and playing senior softball. “I realized that my shoulder would not allow me to throw and my left knee was too painful to be able to run.”

Upon assessment, we discovered Dan had 30% limited mobility in his right shoulder, preventing him from throwing a softball, and he was unable to fully extend his knee, due to degeneration over time. “I was hoping to avoid any surgery on the knee and shoulder. I had considered knee replacement surgery for the past few years.” He also realized he has arthritis in his left knee but that he wanted “to increase both strength and flexibility to be more active in the future.”

In order to help Dan achieve his goals, and prevent issues from recurring, he received The Stretch Method treatment to regain lost mobility and stabilize deep muscles. Additionally, he received Deep Thermal Laser therapy to heal his knee and shoulder from the cellular level.

Dan is now running and playing softball (and has lost 15 lbs!) since Kim helped him to “increase [his] strength and flexibility to allow [him] to be more active in the future.” It’s amazing what you can do when you regain mobility and strength.