Level Up Your Training To Work In The Health And Wellness Industry

Stretch Mobility Coach Certification is as close as your smartphone and will provide a rehab professional the skills and essential training required to help their community stay away from avoidable surgeries.

The Stretch Mobility Coach Curriculum was developed to provide a rehab professional with the knowledge and skills they need to help customers Stretch Pain and Tightness Away. The TSM training model instructs long term relief programs to put the needed skilled care back into the hands of rehab providers. This online training platform allows a rehab professional to work at their own pace, while learning a preventative care system that works to rebuild the musculoskeletal system.

This curriculum takes your education, and experience and teaches theory and practice based care that will take a client experiencing pain and or tightness through a successful program that provides long term, preventative care and relief that keeps your community away from reactive care.

In the field of PT, OT and ATC we can see that we help people to get out of pain rather well, however, we were not taught the essential coaching skills, clinical sales system, or treatment program parameters that take a client through a SUCCESSFUL long-term relief and prevention program.


“I have been working as a SMC Level 2 for over 2 years now. In that time, I have been able to see my clients reach their personal goals of being able to move their bodies without pain/tightness and avoid surgeries. Working as a SMC and utilizing TSM is different from how I worked when in an outpatient ortho setting, purely on how we treat the clients and how we look at what a client needs. In the ortho outpatient setting, I had the PT's initial evaluation and plan of care to follow on how to treat the patients. A typical day would be seeing anywhere from 2-3 clients an hour, having these clients perform certain exercises and performing manual techniques as insurance allowed. Working with TSM, allows us to see our clients 1-on-1, dig deeper and find what's causing the pain/tightness and using the 5 phase system, we get clients to prevent these issues from coming back. Over the 2 years, I have maintained some of Kim's clients who have been coming for years and transitioned my own caseload into a maintenance program where we continue to keep our clients reaching their personal goals and avoiding surgery, by using TSM and seeing these clients every once a month.”
Jordan Kimmel
PTA, SMCLII, Personal Trainer


The Stretch Mobility Coach online training and development course is designed to provide a rehab professional with the TSM fundamentals required for taking their practicum skills check-off seminar and oral board. 

This online training course is organized into 34 modules each with a core lecture video, supplementary resources to follow and study, case studies, theory and practice. All materials are geared towards learning at your own pace and includes communication through a slack application for questions and support.

This allows you problem solving skills – for the material learned. Each student must maintain a training log to document their developmental progress. Group discussions are held online to supplement the assignments. 

This course is to be completed in 5 months while actively providing hands-on skills to clients on the side. 

Those apprentices that have the opportunity to apprentice with a certified coach, can perform these skills under the supervision of a Certified Stretch Mobility Coach. 

The Stretch Mobility Coach online training and development course is structured to prepare you to be an elite SMC specifically for the Stretch Mobility Coach Consult, as well as supportive learning in the areas of:

  • Stretching 101 
  • SMC -understanding your new role and what you can now provide for your clients
  • Assisted stretching training
  • Exercise training that supports your assisted stretches
  • Why strength is so important
  • Compensation kills progress
    • Guidelines to effective cueing and facilitation
    • When to advance exercise, when not to advance – no 2 people are the same
  • Clinical assessment at consult and ongoing treatment
    • Red flags – if your a PTA, OTA or ATC – when to refer out
  • Documenting for success 
  • Speaking the TSM language
  • Development of SMC prescriptions based on client goals and expectations
  • Transitioning your care past pain relief
  • Test, retest theory and practice
  • Capturing your client success stories and empowering them through care
  • Selling  your programs – the integrity of helping people overcome their problems an having the opportunity to help them live their best lives
  • When and why to transition care to maintenance
  • Regenerative modalities
  • Events, partnerships, workshops and open houses, how to speak and show value without selling
  • Rebuilding the musculoskeletal system 
  • Professional insurance 
  • Level II Assisted Mobility hands-on training
  • Case studies, theory and practice
  • Complex musculoskeletal symptoms and treatment training – hypermobile/hypomobile 
  • Nervous system effects and understanding 
  • Other populations seniors, Kids, osteoporosis, and more

Each student will be assigned to a mentor to ensure support on assignments, and testing to help them succeed. 

  • How much does the SMC online training cost
  • $1250.00 down gets you access to your training portal
  • Slack account access
  • FB SMC Clinical Account access
  • Mentor access
  • You will pay $249.00/monthly for your online training portal. It is highly recommended that you complete your online training in 5 months or less

If apprenticeship is available in your area you may request to be an apprentice to gain more mastery of the TSM treatments and system. Apprenticeship is geared to help you develop in a community setting. Those rehab professionals that do not have the opportunity to apprentice can register to attend our Skill Mastery Training Camps.

  • Other costs required for certification
  • Onsite Intensive Stretch Mobility Coach Owner Training Camp – 3 Day Business/Clinical Training – $4799.00
  • Clinical Practicum Skills Check-off Seminar $799.00