You are not JUST a PTA you are a skilled professional that can help people prevent musculoskeletal surgery by offering TSM hands-on treatment. Take back your passion for helping clients today!

How PTAs can help us help more people experiencing pain and tightness?

We all went to school to be PTAs so that we could help people, right?

We saved our money, worked hard to learn as much as we could at PTA school and through continuing education. We worked alongside PT’s and learned immensely from them. We have seen clients struggle, looking for more from us, but as PTAs, our hands were tied. Nothing hurts worse than a client coming in looking for relief in a different body part than a prescribed plan of care and knowing we could only work on the area the PT and physician dictate. Then the intense feelings rise up, knowing that we can do so much more with clients but instead we can only do what insurance, our PT and the clients’ doctors prescribe. This is crazy, do you agree?

We are not PT’s–we have never wanted to be a PT. We never wanted to just do evaluations and paperwork all day long. We chose our PTA profession because we wanted to work with the clients, see them get better and help them every step of the way. But somehow we found ourselves locked into only partially treating our clients.

If you are at all like me, you had to follow the money. I had a family to raise and in our profession we had to change jobs or fields just to keep making more money so that we could pay off our loans and live the life we wanted to live. Most of us LOVE outpatient care, but we were having to do skilled nursing or homecare to get the financial resources to live the life we want. The feeling that there has to be more is always in the back of our minds. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

I knew when I was little, living in the small town of Plains, Georgia that there was more that I needed to achieve, and that it was much larger than me. What I did not know is that other people felt the same way. The field of Rehab Physical Therapy and health and wellness need to merge to provide what we are looking for as professionals and to provide real solutions that work for people that are experiencing pain and tightness. Until now, we have had no way of combining all of our skills and knowledge.

I developed The Stretch Mobility Coach and The Stretch Method by stepping outside of my comfort zone and looking hard at my profession and our community needs and really seeking the disconnect. I have learned from those findings and developed a program that successfully treats pain and tightness and keeps people away from passive, reactive care and leads them directly to medications, injections and surgery.

During this time, Stacey Harris, (the best PT I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and Jordan Kimmel, the best PTA I have ever had the pleasure of working with, came into my life. Both were looking to really help people through prevention and experience. There were others along the way that believed in me, like Alicia Reynolds, PTA, and of course, my beautiful family–of sisters, in-laws, my daughter Megan, husband Jimmy, and Father Elmo–all encouraged me every step of the way.

Stretch Mobility Coach

I have been feeling my way through this disconnect for over a decade and now see clearly what needs to happen to really help people long-term. There has to be a shift in treatments and a shift in training to provide those treatments.

The Stretch Method and Stretch Mobility Coach is founded on truth, authenticity and learning. My team and I are looking for PTA’s that want to help us move this treatment method forward and expand it throughout the nation.

If you are a PTA and you want to work in a Well-Care Model, help keep your community away from medications, injections and surgery, be a pioneer and an expert in your field, provide the best, most comprehensive care available, wish to be challenged, work hard, and share what you learn with your clients, provide real results that offer long-term relief from pain and tightness, want more than the status quo, and are passionate about helping our brand grow and standing up for something bigger than you are, reach out to learn more about what we are doing and see how you can join our movement.

I have done the work and put in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to get where we are today. I have worked hard so that I can provide you with a proven blueprint that will train you to be an Elite Stretch Mobility Coach and provide you with a done-for-you system that teaches the clinical skills you need to really help people holistically, and naturally, and provide you with all the business, marketing, financial and sales tools needed for you to start, build and grow your very own Stretch Mobility Coach business.

When I opened my business, I personally put in $25K. I then filled my personal credit cards and took out a home equity loan. Every dollar the business made, I put back into the business. I did not have enough equity or the financial means to grow my business to where it is today, so it took me 10 years to work at it. I am giving you everything that I have built over the past 10 years so that you can start your business without the financial burden and time struggle that I had to face. Trust me, I see how new business owners fail and I had the best support system I could have ever imagined and now want to give that support to a PTA like you that wants to take the risk and work in a Well-Care Model. I want to provide you with the right skills, mindset, and support to prepare you for the hand-off of tools and resources that allow you to move forward and profit in your new business. This opportunity does not take away the hard work and dedication required to succeed, but instead it allows you a solid foundation that continues to teach you and support you along the way. 

Our profession keeps a PTA away from learning orthopedic advanced skills and does not have a curriculum that focuses on true long-term, result-driven preventative care.  I want to bridge this gap in our professional training and provide you with this information through certification and advanced coursework once you are proficient in The Stretch Method®.

Start your training with our online prep course. You learn the TSM fundamentals and as you practice and refine your hands- on skills, you attend our skills mastery course or sign up with a local Stretch Mobility Coach business to become an apprentice. During this time, you learn the process and develop and hone your skills. Attend and pass your Practicum Skills Check Off Seminar, and then you are a certified Stretch Mobility Coach. The learning and support does not stop here. You now sign up to be an affiliate owner and learn how to open your own Stretch Mobility Coach Clinic in your area. As an affiliate owner, you learn Pre-opening and Opening Steps, build your practice using our proven blueprint, then grow your business the way you want. The sky’s the limit here! We will teach you to open multiple profitable locations near your first location, then help you follow your dreams for your future.

We provide our business affiliate owners with products that allow you and your business to look professional from the beginning–no need to spend countless hours developing your niche, message, marketing materials, exercise system, website, social pages and brand. We have done all that for you so that you can stand out, learn and shine as an elite professional in your area. We are not a franchise model. Our affiliation costs do not just provide you with our intellectual property, they also provide you with ongoing success training, and when you are ready to hire, we provide a trained, certified coach that is ready to relinquish you from patient care. There is simply no other program out there that helps a clinician move from PTA to Elite Professional and provides ALL that you need to hit the floor running as you grow and develop as a business owner.

I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on mentorship and guidance and am providing that to TSM affiliate owners at a discounted rate of $5,000.00 per year. You have the option to purchase 1:1 coaching with Stacey, Kim and Jordan, as well as continued advanced resources to help you stand out in your new business.

If this is sounding like something that you want to be part of:

Here is my 100% cash-based revenue from when I founded The Stretch Method® and Stretch Mobility Coach and how it has grown. 

We take your dream and create a reality for you. I have done all of the work so you look good. You can start with a single location bringing in $3-7K each week and work towards growing that single location or work to own multiple locations.

TSM provides affiliate owners other successful tools to keep you moving and growing in your new business venture. As my West Chester clinic grows and offers other innovative healthy options for our customers, we share those successes with you.