Stop Spending Money on ineffective treatments and gadgets when managing pain.

Costs of Surgery 100-300K+ (Insurance will cover this if your deductible is Met)

Cost of Injections $150-400/injection ( Short lived and causes more damage)

Cost of Going to The Dr first for Pain (Time, waiting for medications to work, time off work, time back to Dr to say Pain medications are not working, Costly X-Rays, CAT scans and MRI’s that reveal no problem. Or your spine looks like the spine of a 90 year old.) Could be up to 2 months of your time. Pain still continues.

Dr refers you out to see a PAIN Specialist for injections. Cost $150-400/injection. (Typically the injections will last the longest the first time, then future injections cause damage but are still a bandaid and does not FIX the problem. )

Finally you get to see a P.T. in a hospital setting that gives you silly exercises that are temporary and in effective.

Then off to your Ortho Dr. You are a GREAT candidate for surgery. You see where this is going right?

From what my patients tell me, this process can take 6 months to a year. But barely any relief and you have missed so much work and have spent possibly your deductible. This is our current IN-Network system. So now that your deductible is met you want to only see providers that are any in network provider. I understand, you have spent a lot of Time and Money and want your insurance to now cover your treatment.

The problem with this model is that you will only reach the GOALs set forth by your insurance company. Typically if physical therapy is the option of treatment selected you can now be happy to reach a level of 3/10 pain by using your insurance card. Most people believe that PT does not work, because they chose a PT that was an in network provider that chose to get paid a discount from their insurance and because they are reimbursed so low they will need to see several people at one time to cover the expenses they have. This system does not work to effectively FIX your back pain or any other pain for that matter. You will see temporary results in this system. ( BTW, after this many will seek surgery because of the time) Ouch!

The choice that we recommend is much cheaper, saves time and will help you better understand your body and the pain you are experiencing.

Seeing a Therapist that specializes in Hands on Treatment first, followed by neuro re-ed, muscle energy techniques, Laser, Dry needling and cupping followed by some exercise. (Not hours of exercise) Will effectively FIX your pain and help you to return to doing the things you LOVE TO DO. The cost of this Model. Under $2000.00 to be fixed. In most cases it can be under $1000.00 for the total treatment. Better yet, you don’t need to see your Dr first, go in for X-Rays or expensive MRIs and will get relief the very 1st visit. Typically in 10-12 treatments you are done and better understand how to prevent the pain from coming back. Which treatment will you choose? Ready to FIX your pain? Reach out to me today [email protected] A Better You… One Stretch At A Time.