Stretch Physical Therapy is the industry leader in offering Wellcare/Prevention services delivering outcome-based care needs to health and wellness clients outside of PT, OT, ATC current offerings. The Stretch Method® was created for health and wellness-focused rehab professionals looking to step away from traditional rehab reactive care services and who wish to learn and grow more in the well-care, and prevention side of musculoskeletal care.



This position will report directly to the Lead Stretch Mobility Coach and have primary responsibility for managing existing Red Light Therapy treatment programs and converting new Red Light clients through successful weight loss, pain, and nonsurgical body contouring programs. This position will interact with our trained SMCs, and LMTs and oversee all Red Light Therapy and Deep Thermal Laser services and programs.

Health and wellness knowledge and fitness knowledge or background is preferred, not required.



    • Convert leads to scheduled Red light consultations
    • Provide industry-leading care through consults and treatment sessions to help our community lose weight, improve pain, improve body image and help lead a healthier lifestyle
    • Encourage, motivate, and educate clients throughout their red light and Deep thermal laser sessions to help them meet their fitness and lifestyle goals while providing them long-term relief from pain and tightness and excess weight
    • Deliver a superior customer service experience, focused on outcomes and results that help people lose visceral fat, improve pain and improve their body image
    • Assist sales team in building maintenance membership and retaining clients once their goals are met
    • Assist with offsite promotional events as needed
    • Ensure the safety of clients in regards to proper red light and deep thermal laser programs and enforce The Stretch Method policies and safety rules
    • Attend team meetings and required educational training
    • Clean & maintain all equipment to ensure availability for client use
    • Handle member concerns when applicable



    • Background Certifications Personal Trainer, Health and Wellness Coach, Nutrition Consultant or other wellness certification that is focused on health and wellness
    • Passion for helping people improve their health through loss of visceral fat programs, pain relief programs and body image programs
    • Loves working as a TEAM
    • Experience working in a fitness/health environment where you provided hands-on training with clients
    • Ability to create a positive environment that welcomes all people
    • Fantastic communication skills
    • Must love connecting with people and has a passion for helping them achieve their goals by holding them accountable and motivating them to keep their healthy habits for life
    • Must have a professional work ethic, be reliable and adhere to our attendance policies
    • Available to go through our paid TSM and red light Training Program, which includes 10 hours of online training, 1 week of in-person/hands-on training with ongoing mentorship, support and training throughout employment



    • Employee Discount
    • Bonus Opportunities
    • PTO



    • T-Sat Weekly
    • Weekend Availability


To learn more about this job opportunity, head on to: http://thestretchmobilitycoach.com/careers/ to apply now!